VIRTUAL Patient Registration

Starting the patient journey with compassionate and efficient registration support.

Efficient and Productive Extension of Your Team

An effective patient registration process is the foundation to revenue cycle success. Accurate registration limits billing errors and reduces denials while maximizing reimbursement. HBCS’ experience throughout the reimbursement cycle enhances the patient experience and improves communication with patients regarding their financial responsibility.

Increased Operational Efficiencies
Higher Registration Accuracy
Improved Patient Experience

New and returning patient registration

One of the key initial experiences a patient has at the facility and throughout a healthcare system is the registration process. A positive, lasting first impression sets the tone for the patient journey. HBCS’ Patient Registration solution features our patient-centric approach to clearly and effectively communicate the registration process and associated provider policies with both new and returning patients. Through our proven, integrated patient engagement quality assessments, we achieve a high level of patient account accuracy. HBCS Registration Specialists assist in providing a clear financial picture, allowing patients to focus on their upcoming care.

Real-time eligibility and demographic verification

With rising patient responsibility for healthcare expenses, upfront registration efficiency is critical for health systems and physician organizations. HBCS utilizes real-time eligibility and demographic verification for both new and returning patients. The quality intake process helps reduce denials downstream with a customized workflow in various HIS platforms. With best-in-class contact center technology and workforce management, HBCS reduces average handle time and improves call management. Digital call recording and screen capture capabilities, as well as desktop analytics, inform and guide ongoing process improvement and training.

Ready for an enhanced patient registration experience?

Your patient registration process can be a more efficient and positive experience for patients. Our professional contact center team, advanced technology, and proven processes can transform your registration experience. Reach out to schedule a discovery call to learn how HBCS can help you.