Enhanced Patient Account Resolution

Improving patient payment performance and delivering a positive financial experience.

Patient account resolution you can trust

Resolving self-pay balances is a crucial part of successful revenue cycle management and has become a top priority for health systems and physician organizations. HBCS humanizes the patient financial experience through expert service, supported by a tech-enabled approach that optimizes revenue, improves patient satisfaction, and reduces bad debt expense.

The HBCS patient account resolution team has extensive experience addressing patient inquiries and collecting patient payments. Health systems and physician organizations have placed their confidence and patient relationships in HBCS’ hands for more than 35 years.

Increase patient account resolution
Improve patient satisfaction
Reduce bad debt expenses

Patient engagement and customer service

Effective patient engagement is essential to successful account resolution. HBCS’ patient-centered approach ensures that dignity, compassion, and expertise are inherent in every patient interaction. With a multi-lingual team that is dedicated to service, the HBCS team of skilled specialists engages patients to resolve balances.

HBCS uses best-in-class technology to connect with patients, including an omnichannel contact center. The HBCS team leverages an inbound and outbound telephony system with predictive dialer solutions, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and digital call recording and screen capture.

Customized statements and digital communications

As the first point of contact, patient statements are a vital and integral part of resolving patient accounts. Comprehensive engagement requires touchpoints throughout the patient financial journey, including mail, email, mobile app, web portal messages, and text notifications. HBCS leverages integrated patient statements and digital outreach as critical components of patient account resolution.

Statements can also double as a flexible marketing and communication tool when customized by HBCS’s in-house design team.

Financial assistance and 501(r) compliance

Financial assistance programs are an integral part of revenue cycle operations, particularly for non-profit providers concerned about 501(r) compliance.

HBCS’ trained specialists guide patients through financial assistance and charity applications. These specialists also process your accounts, collect required documentation, properly classify accounts for accurate financial assistance posting, and archive documentation for secure and compliant backup. HBCS provides comprehensive reporting of accounts referred and processed through your financial assistance program to help you document community benefit and facilitate full reporting for certification and recordkeeping.

Propensity-to-pay scoring and analytics

Propensity-to-pay scoring and analytics give insight into each patient’s likelihood and ability to pay. HBCS’ model can incorporate either soft credit inquiries or non-credit based demographic scoring with historical analysis to ensure every account receives the appropriate treatment. This tailored approach creates an efficient and effective patient account resolution process that accelerates performance.

Payment plan management

Increasingly, patients are responsible for higher co-pays and deductible balances and need flexible and convenient payment options. HBCS patient resolution specialists work with patients to set up personalized payment plans based on provider guidelines and patient preference. HBCS provides digital access to an easy-to-use online portal where patients can view balances, set up pay plans, or make one-time payments. Giving patients more flexibility and control over their payments can increase revenue from patient accounts.

Accounts receivable support

Complex patient accounts require specialized expertise for effective resolution. HBCS has a team of expertly-trained accounts receivable support analysts to validate coverage, initiate billing, resolve disputes, identify patient refunds, and resolve credit balances. The team works collaboratively with a hospital’s patient financial services department to support and improve existing business processes. The result is a more efficient workflow, reduced aging, and greater patient satisfaction.

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HBCS invests in talent management and innovative technology to deliver an enhanced patient account resolution service that accelerates cash collections, improves patient satisfaction, and reduces bad debt expense.

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