Optimized ReimbursemeNT

Overturn denials, decrease A/R days, and increase net patient revenue.

Insurance billing and follow-up services to support revenue cycle success

Maximizing reimbursement on all claims is critical for health systems and physician organizations. HBCS achieves results by coupling industry-leading talent with cutting-edge technology. HBCS specializes in these billing and follow-up partnerships:

Day-1 Billing
All Balance/Aged Follow Up
Denial Analytics
HIS Conversion Support
Third-Party Liability Claim Management

Accelerate cash flow
Maximize account coverage
Reduce A/R days
Overturn denials
Increase net patient revenue

Proven Day-One Billing and Claims Management

An effective billing system is foundational to a healthy revenue cycle. Leveraging a proven process for claims management, HBCS uses optimized claims scrubbing technology to increase clean claims rates. HBCS’ flexible billing application accepts all formats, including print and non-standard formats, and converts them into an 837-compliant format for submission.

Expert A/R Management and Follow-Up

Revenue cycle success depends on whether organizations can effectively convert receivables to revenue. HBCS uses predictive analytics to power its A/R management with exception-based follow up. HBCS’ proprietary insurance scoring system ensures that we work the right accounts at the right time, improving denial resolution, decreasing A/R days, and maximizing net patient revenue (NPR).

Denial Analytics

Uncompensated care and administrative adjustments place a significant financial burden on health systems and physician organizations. The ability to overturn denials is key to revenue cycle success. HBCS’ denial analytics solution uses 835 technology, advanced processes, and reporting analytics to identify, measure, and reverse denials. Providers that partner with HBCS experience improved financial outcomes on denials as well as prevention strategies.

HIS Conversion Support

System conversions often drive future efficiency and cost savings in health systems and physician organizations at the expense of short-term disruption and revenue loss. A proactive strategy with HBCS starts well before an HIS conversion. This ensures appropriate coverage of legacy A/R while freeing up capacity for staff training and successful onboarding of the new patient accounting system.

With expertise in nearly all legacy and industry-leading systems, the HBCS team can also be an integral part of the go-forward strategy with the new HIS.

Simplified Third-Party Liability Management

Collecting on third-party liability insurance can often be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It requires specialized technology, multiple follow-ups, and seasoned subject matter experts. HBCS manages reimbursement from workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accident insurance, and general liability claims using expert staff and advanced technology. HBCS’ enhanced claims management and billing capabilities convert bills to the payer’s specified format and attaches required documentation upfront to expedite adjudication.

The right team to achieve results

Our talented operations team has a broad range and depth of expertise in revenue cycle management and major HIS platforms within health systems and physician organizations nationwide. Additionally, we invest in ongoing development to ensure that they pursue relevant industry certifications and education to stay ahead of trends and best practices. With a client management focus, our team takes a consultative approach and delivers added value to our provider partners.

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